Opening July, 2007, Kids Action Fitness is an athletic club designed for kids 5½ to 13 years old featuring Lightspace Floor, Motion TouchMagix, Brain Bike, Precor Treadmills & Elliptical,

Dance, Dance Revolution, 2 climbing walls, (Treadwall & Freedom Climber),

GameBikes, Xbox 360, circuit set equipment, education in anatomy and nutrition and much more. Take a look inside with this short video by Luke Antonio “Kids Action Fitness:

A Gateway to Kids’ Health” and see why we are committed to your child’s health and fitness. Dim lights Download Embed Embed this video on your site


Fun! Interactive! Training!



After decades of working with adults challenged by ongoing weight issues, we knew it would be much easier if everyone had the opportunity to gain a solid foundation for good fitness as a child.  When the national press began reporting on the epidemic of childhood obesity, we knew it was time to act. We had the people, the experience and the heart… but we knew we needed to know even more. So, Club USA's staff did their research to gather technology to create this amazing new program Our ‘kid curriculum’ nurtures the hearts minds and bodies of our most valuable assets…  our children.








Lightspace Floor makes your heart happy.
Kids Fitness TiP
Your heart is the hardest-working muscle in your body. Its #1 job is to pump blood through your body every day of your life! Since it can’t lift weights to get stronger, it needs you to do aerobic exercise.

Aerobic is a fancy word for needing oxygen and aerobic exercise is any kind of activity that makes your muscles use oxygen. Aerobic exercise is the kind you do over and over to keep bringing fresh oxygen to all of your muscles. When you do aerobic activity and bring in that oxygen, your heart becomes stronger (and even a tiny bit bigger!).