policies @ Kids Action Fitness

Kids Action Fitness Policies • Fun, Interactive Training

5 1/2 - 13 year olds


Dress Code:

Work out attire and closed toe athletic shoes required.



Kids need to have completed their Kids Action Fitness orientation prior to using its equipment.


Water Bottle:

Stay hydrated with water or your favorite sports drink. No soda or food is allowed in the Kids Action Fitness area.


Electronic Equipment:

For child’s safety no cell phones, i-pods, DS, handheld games or electronic equipment will be allowed in

Kids Action Fitness. As a reminder, Club USA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.



For your child’s safety if they have any pre-exiting injuries (i.e sprained ankle, any form of cast, etc.) please let the Kds Action Fitness Staff know of any injuries & we might need a doctor’s release before they can participate in Kids Action Fitness.



For the safety of all junior members and staff no sick children will be allowed to attend Kids Action Fitness. If you have any questions, please see the recommendations for Inclusion/exclusion that the Kid’s Club uses.


Guest Policies:

Your friend will be allowed to work out with you once appropriate paperwork has been signed by their parent. Kids without appropriate paperwork on file WILL NOT be allowed in

Kids Action Fitness.


Guest Fee: $10 per visit per child.


Secure check in procedures