Childhood Obesity


Fighting Childhood Obesity @ Kids Action FitnessWe believe the solution to today's childhood obesity begins with education about health and fitness. At Kids Action Fitness, each child will be taught (at age-appropriate stages) about nutrition, exercising, anatomy and how to safely operate our new interactive, "kid friendly" equipment. The great combination of technology and technique, makes working-out FUN while helping them achieve a new level of health and fitness!



Each child will begin with an orientation to Kids Action Fitness equipment by one of coaches. Our attitude, atmosphere and staff are all committed to helping your child achieve a lifetime of good health and fitness.


Fit Kids @ Kids Action FitnessWhat you should know about childhood obesity...


  • Obesity levels have more than doubled in 10 years.
  • Over 30% of America's youth are now overweight with the projection of 50% by 2010.
  • Obesity is linked to Type 2 diabetes, considered an adult disease, but now has increased dramatically in "both' groups.
  • Overweight adolescents have over a 70% chance of being an overweight adult.
  • If even one parent is overweight the chance of the child becoming obese increases to 80%.
  • The cost for overweight medical problems reached $92 billion nationally in 2002. (Colorado costs alone were over $2 billion and they continue to rise.
  • Factors such as fast food, portion size, sugar-sweetened drinks, computer games, video games and TV have lead to an increase in caloric intake and a decrease in physical activity.
  • Grade schools today now limit physical education budgets, facilities and programs.